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BL game ''Messiah''...

For having some ridiculous stuff...has a pretty good story and pretty art!
Ridiculous as in...the main, Takuto's backstory trauma involve's every person wanting to get into his pants. Even as a kid.

But otherwise, it's game where I ended up reading the monologue's just because they where interesting, or d'aww angsty. Since the game does have pretty twisted scene's/bad endings. Although one of it's special things is - There only two guys to choose from as route, and choosing one will not change how the other feel's. Thus good ending = no ''happy ending'' for the other guy. Otherwise - Only the 3 main's are voiced. The extra characters only get voiced in the crack ''Alice in Wonderland AU with Takuto going WTF since he isn't part of the AU world and knows the others from the original game'' fandisk.

From the left - Ryouta, Takuto & Kou. The 3 main's as ''game complete'' reward CG that is adorable.

Ryouta has to be the one who's Route I liked most. Just because it explan's the full sad story about Chiharu.

That and it's cute. The whole Takuto telling Ryouta his past scene's, and the flashback dream's...

Aaand Ryouta's comments like. ''This would be the point where the heroine would give the hero a kiss as a charm...''''Hell no.''

Thanks to his trauma, Takuto really really hate's anything with the topic ''gay''. Even joke's. Rather threatening to beat up the person that mentions it.

From bad ending ''Solitude''. Seem's like nothings wrong, right? ''And probably from now on too, now one will ever be on my side. Ryouta...Hayashima-san...you two are cruel...'' And he proceeds to go on a murdering spree. Starting with Ryouta here.

Bad Ending ''Behind''. ''Ryouta-kun, let's hear it honestly. Your true wish...isn't it to embrace Takuto like this?'' I like these two bad endings.

From the fandisk, since I only just started playing it. The crack is love. T: Throw away...that idiot... U: Oh? So you do know him? T: Not at all.

Bonus minimanga - From the artbook that was scanlated, neither are worksafe:
''Stigma'' Hint's toward's who 1st traumatized Takuto?
''Desire'' Oh Ryouta...Not pictured - Takuto actually saw it. And Ryouta's route actually make's him doing that make sense aka ''He knew that he knew that he knew...etc''
''Messiah PP OST - The End of Messiah'' Since the song is a nice guitar tune.
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